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blah [Oct. 3rd, 2005|10:12 pm]
[mood |sleepysleepy]

so i got home at 1 am this morning and again had to go to work at 6 am to do those fucking markdowns which i will also have to do tomorrow and wednesday... wow. sucks for me. and yes i was at kevs this past weekend again... my mom leaves for tucson, az on oct 16th and she is taking our dog rocky with her... my dad is going to visit her on thanksgiving and new years and she will be home for christmas... meanwhile i have to figure out what the hell i am doing, as far as i know i am going to be in nj for thanksgiving and possibly new years also. it depends on what tjmaxx is willing to gove me off work. we're not supposed to ask for vacation time and technically i am not asking for vacation time i just want some time off so i am not alone for the holidays... i mean i could go to some relatives house but i would rather spend that time with kev... besides, without my parents there and whatnot i don't know how comfortable i would be... don't get me wrong, i love my relatives to death but i would feel weird... possibly. but i was told that i could go to nj for thanksgiving so if i can i am going to go there. i should proabaly get some sleep i need to get up early... and request off time for thanksgiving... yes i am requesting the time off tomorrow... the sooner the better chance i have of definitely getting it off.