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it's been a while since i last wrote, sine then my mom left for… - wow... what an interesting life i have [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Dec. 7th, 2005|01:48 am]
[mood |tiredtired]

it's been a while since i last wrote, sine then my mom left for tucsan, az and will be back for christmas, but i haven't seen her since she left. i miss her, and my dog rocky... she took him with her. since my dad went to az for thanksgiving i went to kevs for thanksgiving. things have been going really good for us. we see each other more than ever now which some people think it's nuts since we live 3 hours away from eachother and i can see where they're coming from but i don't care. besides, soon we won't be able to see eachother as much anyways, we both want to start to really save our money and stuff, besides i'll be going back to school and whatnot and with work and everything time is something that kev and i will have the least of. besides i need to go see my mom in az sometime after mid january and i need to go spend some time at marywood to visit everyone. i'll crash with diana and gina. but it's something that we've been trying to plan, so we'll see what happens. i don't know what is going to happen for new years, i don't want to request anymore time off from work... we're not supposed to request time off between nov. 20th and mid jan. and i already requested off time for thanksgiving, so i feel bad requesting more time off... but i don't know if kevan will be able to get some time off from work. oh well, it all seems to work out in the end so we'll see. work is getting to the point where it's just pissing me off. i hate always having to work with this lady earlene... she thinks she can boss everyone around and crap, it pisses everyone off. i hope i have next saturday off but we'll see, i have this saturday off though, maybe if i am lucky they'll give me early hours. it's hard to believe that it has been a little over 15 months with kevan, it's nice though, unfortunately we spend so much money and gas and shit to see eachother, my dad pissed me off the other day saying that i should just move down there and crap... but i mean with what money?! i have car payments to make, insurance and a cell phone bill to pay, i can't afford paying rent and crap, atleast not yet, plus there it the problem of school... i see where my dad is coming from, that i spend so much money on gas and everything, but i don't have the money to moveout quite yet, besides with my mom gone all winter i feel bad leaving, plus my dad can't always take car of my cat, when he goes away to see my mom who the hell will take care of my cat. he's almost 15 years old and needs someone around to take care of him and give him attention. moving to nj is an option... just not right now. it's a nice idea but without the means to successfully do it, i don't want to try it.
i still hate torrington... it's not home, to me i don't think torrington will ever be home. i miss everyone in south windsor and i wish i could be there now and everything. everyone my age is at college and stuff. the few friends i do have are moving to florida soon and their last day of work is dec. 12th. so it just sucks. i need to just get away and see everyone and crap. needless to say jess and i haven't talke in awhile, actually aaron either, but he's never online. almost 2 months til my 20th birthday, hopefully this birthday i get to spend with kevan. we didn't spend kevans 21st birthday together and my 19th birthday. i did go to nj and spend the weekend of his 22nd birthday with him, and if i get to see him on my birthday i will most likely see him on valentines day since my birthday is the day after valentines day.
i kind of want to clean my room just so i can get rid of some stuff that i don't want anymore. i go through phases like this every so often, it kinda sucks though because it takes forever.
anyways i am tired so i am going to get some shut eye. nite nites