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what a fucking day - wow... what an interesting life i have [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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what a fucking day [Dec. 14th, 2005|10:42 pm]
[mood |amusedamused]

so today started off like any other day i have off... i slept in until like 9:30 and then i went grocery shopping... when i got home i went to put the bottled water into the basement... well the stairs are a little narrow and i forgot about the last step... so i stepped out thinking i could take bigger steps because i wasn't on the stairs anymore... well boy was i wrong... i ended up spraining my ankle, i put away the groceries and then went up to my room and rested a bit... then when my dad came home we ate dinner and then went looking for an xmas tree, we had no luck in doing so then my dad took me to the er upon my request and found out that my ankle wasn't broken... which i knew to begin with... and that i had just really badly sprained my ankle, so now i can't work for the rest of the week(which sucks cause i only worked two days this week so far) and that i am basically inmobile... i wish it wasn't my right ankle, but it is and it sucks big time, so anyways that was my day... oh and by the way i still have to do laundry and crap... so i may wobble around the house or i may not even do my laundry until next week unfortunately. so here's to me for falling down yet another set of stairs... it was only a matter of time, i just found it funny because the last time i was in the hospital it was the er for a seizure when i was 13 months old, so needless to say i have been pretty good about not having to go to the hospital